BST rip off or no?


Here is my BST:,52229.0.html

I asked is this a 2nd gen peak- no answer. But I get this

turns out one google search shows its 2nd gen. what is up with the BST these days? kids really trying to lie about their throws or talk them up like they aren’t scratched to death and call them MIB.

Does anyone see all those scratches on that thing? “I get info that yoyo is near mint”. Is this a joke?


My opinion isn’t worth a crap.

Even so, my worthless opinion says “that’s at least $70 overpriced”. I think the asking price is too much. Even that one, mint in mint box… I don’t think that would get that kind of money. But, with the scratches… well, it just drops it down further.

Sorry, I can’t help you out further. I’m looking for a few items myself. I think I’m after a Superwide from the mystery bags and the Chupacabra, and I’ve got leads on all that stuff going right now.

What run is it? I’m sorry I’m too lazy to check the BST.


Wow… Also, you might want to remove the link from the quote if you want to keep it anonymous, I found the profile by clicking on it;u=11209

And yea, this can be seen as attempted scam.