BST LTT: CLYW, YYF, Adegle. Wants: Vs Newton, CLYw, G squared, One Drop.

I’m looking to trade a couple of my throws. Not looking for money, what i’m looking for are Vs. newton throws, CLYW chief (dont care condition), G squared Albatros, one drop code 2. Those are my main wants. I will consider other offers. I don’t have pics right now but I can get them on request. I will try to post them later tonight. really not looking for an YYF throws.

Throws that I have…

Silver YYF yukksta
Has a few marks on the rims.

Black CLYW Gnarwhal
Has a few marks on the rims.

BLue with orange speckle CLYW Wooly Marmont. (GONE)

Green YYF Super G
Mint with box

White with red rims YYF Northstar GONE
Mint with box

Adegle yellow Asteroid (GONE)
Mint with box

I can get pics up later tonight or email them to you.


And what do you think about my offer ??
Pleas answer me on PM




Updated wants.