LF: CLYW, OD, ILYY and others!

Hey everyone.

So im looking for a new throw, im NOT LOOKING FOR YYF YYJOR DUNCANS.

What im really LOOKING FOR is
-Clyw******: chief, arctic circle, cliff, avalanche, sasquatch in yogi, ninja hurtles, jack rabbit or another really cool colourway :slight_smile:
-OD**: burnside, 54, or code 2
-ILYY****: enigma half gold half green.
-Spyy*: amplifier or the solaris
-VSnewton****: skywalker
Im willing to pay top dollar for some of these throws, mostly clyw :p, but there are a few more throws im interested in so you can offer but im pretty set what I want. Other then that have a good one

Also am looking for poly stings and as a DEAL SWEETENER I can throw in a YYF ANN CONNELLY YUUKSTA!