broken yo for 3 months - help

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my dark magic broke - cracked in the middle from using mineral spirits - - - and now its time to buy a new one i am decentg and i am 1a, solid binder, looking for metal i think - i want super long sleeps, and totally unresponsive - got about 2 bens to drop - interested in nvx or maybe remnant -

any suggestions

also looking for players in pittsburgh -


Well for your first metal I dont think you should go for an expensive one. Try one of the fundametals from yoyofactory, they are all solid players.

I would choose whatever you think looks good based on size, shape, and weight mainly. The NVX and Remnant are great choices.

Any yoyo made nowadays with a bearing will have “sleep times” that are beyond long enough. That shouldn’t be a deciding factor at all.

Why do you want unresponsive? Just asking…

The Wooly Marmot would be nice. Or also maybe the 888x. Just treat them nicely if you get one and don’t do any weird things to it like using some weird lube not even made for yoyos.

cool i need to work on dexterity - my binds were all pretty solid, but i was getting hung up with my d magic dying and i threw it super super hard and straight, so i think the metal will add some weight and sleep time, plus (vanity) but i want the look too haha

just bought the remnant - was going to get the cut but sold out - i had an sb2 years ago but lost it in college - cant wait to spin again

The Duncan vendetta looks good.

“Looks” being the key word.

Is that Toby? Over here on YYE? Awesome.

Have you tried a Vendetta? Just curious…

dude dv888 gap all metal better response system K pad i believe thumb grinds = awesome you had a dm so u should be used to that---------------------------------------------^
affordable too

GET 888!!!

Dude, why do you keep doing that? Just read the whole thing before you comment.

He already bought the remnant. You did this on my thread too. I hope that that didn’t sound harsh, cause it wasn’t meant to be, but try to make sure you know what’s going on before you post.

Don’t worry about sounding harsh, half the guys on this forum need to be yelled at