Broken CLYW Sasquatch help?!

So about 3 weeks ago I ordered a Sasquatch 3rd run. I loved it since I took it out of the box! It played really well and I could easily recommend this as a performance yoyo.

However, a couple of days ago I was with some friends just messing about with my yoyo’s and the string was too long for one of them. So it hit the floor, made that horrible ding sound and I was really p*ssed. :’(

The damage is pretty bad and all you get is vib when you throw it. The paint work is ruined as well and I don’t thing i’ll be able to use it for much. So I was wondering if anyone knew a way of fixing the vib? And maybe the paintwork? Or if I can’t i’ll just have to buy a new one :-\

It’s not paint, it is anodize. Not any easy way to fix that. You could try tuning it to remove vibe.

how much vibe/wobble can you postavidof you throwing it?

Probably the easiest way to start tuning your Sasquatch is to completely unscrew the halves, make sure the screw is completely screwed all the way into one half, then screw the halves back together and see if that helps.

if all else fail try to satin it or trade it off for example me I will trade or buy it

It’s far from broken. You just got a ding. They happen. Just deal with it, I doubt it vibes very bad anyway.
There’s no way you can fix the ano, but if you’re that sensitive to vibe, you can probably tune it out. Just google how to tune a yoyo.
But seriously, if you can’t handle dings or a little vibe, perhaps you should look into a different hobby…

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Unscrew it, and screw it back together. If this fails, try a new axle, it’s unlikely that the axle would bend from an impact like a ding, but it has happened before.

Pulsating wobble or just vibe?

Vibe is just a yoyo enhancement anyway.


it’s unlikely but it’s likely. Yeah that makes sense

Crap, didn’t notice that lol And fixed.;attach=13253;type=avatar


As others have said, just unscrew the yoyo and put it back together. Also when you throw it, try putting your finger on one of the rims for a few seconds. Sometimes this can make it stop vibrating, which means it is just a bad throw.