Broke Village

Austin, TX

Fixed axle.

Nuff said.

Wait, these are fixed? Wood or metal axle?

more info please!!!

Fixed axle metals? Say what?

hmm. not sure whats up with the response.

It’d probably be to slippy and unpredictable without some response system. Looks interesting and intrigues the idea of more companies coming out with metal fixies or responsive metals in general.

I need this in my life desperately. I’m having a hype-attack over here.

What colors will be made available? I’ve seen these 4 on Instagram, as well as 3 or 4 other colors…please release. Haha!

Wait… These come from Austin? I didn’t even want one until I read that, I’m down for a burnt orange one!

Yoyoldman posted a video and his didn’t look like it slipped at all. I thought the same thing before I saw the video

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No I didn’t think it would slip. That comment I wrote earlier was in response to

I meant it as, they need the response system in order to prevent slip-age.

This looks cool… I must try!

Your brother Eli has come into the gas station I work at on, get this, Fidalgo Island a couple times and told me about this, super stoked to see it end up being something this cool! I gotta try one at some point.

Hahaha it’s a small world man. Tell him I said what up next time you seem him. The Fidalgo is a super fun throw man, it’s something you pick up when you just want to chill. We’ll have to meet up and throw when I get back to A-town.

To everyone else, thanks for being patient and enduring the “hype” lol.
The Fidalgo by Broke Village drops this Friday @ 8pm EST right here on YYE!!

I’m waiting so very impatiently. I’ve been so excited about this throw since I saw my first glimpse. Can’t wait to have one. The hard part is to choose a color. Has there been a price set on the beauties yet?

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where does the name broke village come from?
Your aesthetic is chill and homey like Slum village haha,

I was working in the middle of the Pacific one day, well I was supposed to be working lol.
The name was 100% random, and calculated.
I come from a place called Playtown(Anacortes), and like most places people are trying to get out of where they’re at. But in the end, it’s not the town that was the problem.
Was that confusing enough? Good, like I said, random.

Your new yoyo looks great!

I got a black one from YYE in the fixed axle contest and it’s very enjoyable to play (very light too).

Response is very consistent with thicker string (I use Blueprint).

It’s also super fun to use the spikes and take advantage of the blasted cup, doing all kinda of fingerspins, regens, grinds to lunar, etc.

Great yoyo!