Broke Village Fidalgo! Fixed-Axle Metal Yo-Yo!


Broke Village is a brand new company founded by Cory Gardner based out of Austin, Texas. Cory has always been an avid fixed axle yo-yo player and when he noticed a void in the market he decided to take action! This is the all new Fixed-axle Fidalgo!

You can probably tell by looking at the Fidalgo that this isn’t your average fixed-axle yo-yo. The Fidalgo is machined from aluminum to the same standards as the high end aluminum ball bearing yo-yos you know, but designed specifically for fixed-axle play! This gives you an incredibly smooth throw and accurate weight that you really just can’t get with wooden yo-yos.

The Fidalgo really has that classic clean look, and with the narrow stepped profile, higher walls, and light weight, the Fidalgo plays just as good as it looks! What string can you use with the Fidalgo you ask? Any string! Since the metal axle sleeve and flowable silicone response will not wear polyester strings like most wooden response will, you can use any string you like – cotton, poly, and everything in between!

The fidalgo is an excellent first yo-yo from Broke Village and a perfect throw for any fixed-axle enthusiast. We cannot wait to see what they do next!


What is the price of these?

(major_seventh) #3



Looks interesting, cool concept, but I’m not totally sure I’d be willing to drop a lot of cash for one. Though im sure some people would love to get one.


For me the $85.00 was a fair price. There are not very many of these. I think people will be sad that they missed out on these when they are gone. Just like the Walter, and the Eh? both of which had higher production numbers.


I personally thought the $85 was a bit high. That being said, I bought one. And I’d do it again. I just wish they had been closer to $50, bough that’s only because I would’ve gotten 2 instead of 1.

I’m super excited to get mine. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeve for the next release.

(major_seventh) #7

I kept thinking fixed axle = 40 lol


True I would have bought it at 50.00 too. :slight_smile: The only way to hit that price with a domestic made yoyo would have to be higher quantity. It isn’t the worst thing to pay a little more for something more rare.

I hope it plays nice. I am a little concerned that I will miss the wooden feel.


I understand your point, these are rare. The 85 justifies the uniqueness of it :smiley:


Most definitely. Looks like sales stayed at 13 pieces overnight. Maybe there will be enough left so I can save my yoyo fund back up and buy a purple to go with the gray. :slight_smile:

And personally, though the price kinda got to me (this is the most expensive yoyo I’ve bought to date), the reason I didn’t mind too much was because of the small run. Only 10 pieces of each color? Count me in.