Bro Slack GT help

Hey everyone raytsh just posted this:

I wanted to know if anyone had a tutorial on this. Thanks!

basically what ur doing is landing the yoyo on the back string instead of the front string like a regular trapeze and his bro. Then all you do is pinch the back string with ur thumb and do a trapeze and his bro slack. Drop off ur throwhand and boom, green triangle.

i made this vid earlier today

that trick looks realy well put together simple but smooth

thanks for the tut. how tall are you I think you might do better if you did the belly button measurement just because it seems like its too long maybe? also i seem to be about as good as you I was wondering how long you have been yoyoing for?

everyone tells me that measurement is to small. I feel i can do tricks better with it longer. If you look at my earlier videos it is much shorter. I have been throwing for 2.5 months. My height is 5 feet

Here, I made a tutorial. I know it isn’t great, but just an image.
But before that, learn this first:
Then, instead of a trapeze and his brother, do a green triangle, just before you tilt your wrist down, whip it around, catch the whip, tilt your wrist down to a GT.
Also, please ignore the accent. It may sound weird, but if you hear me in real life, you will know how different my voice is. Don’t know why the camera changes my voice.

I know thats not you (the 1st one)… im pretty sure you are not brittish.

really all it is is a bro GT to a bit of a suicide…

I am the second one. Doesn’t matter. It’s my first video!