Brent stole variation(s)

Hello all!

I got back from the MER yoyo contest and met some pretty cool people. This one guy taught me how to do a brent stole and I picked it up faster than I would normally. He also showed me a trick where it looks like a hidemasa hook but when you “unroll” to get ot of the hidemasa hook, it was in to a brent stole.

Let me explain in other words. He whipped it, got a formation similar to a hidemasa hook but when he dismounted from the hidemasa hook (only one roll not exiting the whole thing) he got into the green triangle that is the result of a brent stole.

Now, does anyone know how to do this trick? Or any other variations of brent stole?

Free bump! I really want to learn that too! The thing about contests is you learn really cool tricks, and nobody has tutorials for them anywhere else.

Ok, when you go to do the “brent hook” throw the whipo as if you were doing a brent stole but catch it in hook. the string should be going through the loop on your finger. and when you unroll it will be in a green triangle.

thanks for that, but I am still not getting it.

I think I am doing what you said but all Im getting is something that looks like a potential green triangle… like if i pick up a different string it will be one… shug any suggestions?

Does anyone have vid. tutorials?

I dont know of a tut, but the way I do it is to do a hook normallly but move my throwhand forward as the loop of string goes over my finger. This causes the strings to cross, putting you in a GT

Thats what I am doing… I suppose it needs to be caught correctly. I’ll check my tension and we will see how it goes. I’ll make a video tutorial if I get it down.

the trick you guys are trying to do is what i do when i try a hidemasa’s hook,
i have never landed a hidemasa hook because i always roll out into a green triangle :frowning:

awesome!!! I landed the brent stole variation today. Maybe I’ll post a vid to see if we are all on the same page.

Sorry to bring back this thread. I figured out how you do it, it’s simple. All you do is a Hidemasa Hook, and do the whipping motion of a Brent Stole, and then what you described happens.

I remember having this happen to me when I tried to learn the hook.

Can’t do it anymore though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I can read. I still can’t do the trick, but I can read.

And by the way, the guy that showed you this was named Joshua Prokay. He’s a memebr of the DTI Crew.

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I just thought you didn’t read it, sorry.