Brent stole to brent stole??

I’ve been playing with this for a bit now and it’s actually really fun just see how many time you can pull a brent stole repeater, any body ever tried this?

I’ll make a video trying this at my fair today. I can do Brent stoles with my eyes shut :slight_smile:

My record so far is 11 ;D

Your horizontal brent stoles are awesome!

I believe Tan Hyun is the master of continuous Brent stole, both creator and as far as I have seen, record holder at 39

The name of the guy who created Brent Stole is not Brent?!?!

Haha thanks man! I was able to get 17. Then the string became complete spaghetti.
And uh Haru… Alex Berenguel created Brent stole. Unless you mean what’s his face was the first to do CONTINUOUS Brent stole.

EDIT: 27 using very fast whipping string

I specifically stated “continuous” in my original post? Not sure why you two didn’t see that…

I still can only do regular brent stoles with Toxic Dragons.
However I can easily land RIB stoles consistently with any string.
Anyone up for a continuous RIB stole challenge haha

You should go back and read your own post. It’s confusing the way it’s worded. That aside, I wouldn’t really consider it creating anything to do a trick as a repeater. I mean if I create a repeater hook (which is also fun, try it!), I didn’t create anything. I just did an existing move over again. You see my drift here?

The thing is though, that brent stole is a bit of an exception to this.
For you can’t simply “pop up” out of a brent stole to whip into another, theres a certain motion that is actually quite a bit different than brent stole itself.
The reason many of us back in the day freaked out when Tan started doing them was that we knew that the motion was quite difficult, but he somehow managed to get the “secret” to doing them, to which he became credited for “creating” them.


If there is a special motion then I’m doing it wrong. I pop it up and whip as fast as possible into another. I bend my knees quite a bit to land it, but I do that for regular brentstoles sometimes too.

Then maybe you figured out something.

Just clarifying here.

Brent stole is named so in the meaning “brent stole my trick” or “the trick that brent stole”. Apparently at a contest the creator had his trick copied by this brent.

Correct. Alex Berenguel made up the trick at nats in like '05 (maybe…?) Then Brent Dillinger used the trick in his freestyle. Thus it was named ‘The trick Brent Dillinger stole from Alex’.

Alex Berenguel was the creator of the trick.
He saw Brent Dillinger do a trick on stage at nationals that seemed to be the same so he initially though that Brent took the same trick.

It turned out to be different, but the name “brent stole” stuck around.


Help me out, it was in '05 right?