Hello.I have a question about my brakeaway throws.My sleeper is much longer than breakaway and when I throw breakaway it stopps very fast.Is there any ways to improove my brakeaway? ???

What yo-yo are you using?

I think people tend to take the breakaway for granted.  That is not an easy throw, especially when you watch the videos and you see guys like Andre doing them so quick and from their waist (not the shoulder). You want to throw it like that. Right? I know I did.

I keep telling my step-son this same thing, most of these tricks are going to depend on a good breakaway.  Go back to throwing it out like Andre shows in the video ( What ever you do, DO NOT short change this throw.  Practice it a lot. Throw it over and over and then do it some more. You can’t start out throwing it like Andre does here ( You’ve got to get there naturally starting from a normal breakaway thrown from your shoulder.  If you’re doing it right it WILL be a whole lot faster than your normal sleeper.

Make a muscle (at your shoulder)
Toss out
Bind return

Sorry to sound so preachy :-, but this one will bring you misery if you don’t do it right.
This will also give you a great opportunity to work on you side style binds  ;D  Good Stuff

I would completely agree with the words of Little_John above.  Really practice that way.
One problem people have when throwing like that is they don’t snap their wrist enough and lose a lot of spin.  If you throw as described in the breakaway video but really snap your wrist it should spin long.

As for losing spin - is it when you are in a trapeze?  If so I would watch this video:

Keep practicing!

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