Break in for the C3 Token

So I just got amC3 token and when I took it out played with it stock, it ws responsive. I’m not sure if it’s the yoyo’s problem ror if it just needs time to break in, ifnit does need to break in, how much break in time does it need?

If it spins rough then clean it. Otherwise do some Gyro Flops or generally play. It depends.

He should clean it even it isn’t gritty, it is probably overlubed.

Should’ve been unresponsive out the box.

maybe change the pads? When I got mine, my pads stuck out some and yeah, so I just put in flowable, and it was fine, but yeah these other guys have good advice too. One of these should work. haha

Yes, most likely. Clean and using a pin dip it in the lube and touch it to a few balls, Break it in. But do check the pads.

I personally think breaking the bearing in manually is better

C3 pads take a while to break in but last forever.