Brazilian yoyo string review - Angel Hair, Mondos, Ying-Yangs

I’ve been yoyoing for about 5 months now and Ive never really known what string to use, I asked on a few forums for advice, and the consensus seemed to be 100% poly highlights and to stay clear of cotton. So I did. I’ve been playing with highlights for a while now and to be honest i didnt really rate them! they seemed to tense up to quick and I didn’t really like the feel! So i thought what string should i use (there’s just so may types) whilst looking through all the different strings on the uk site i get my stuff from ( i spotted a Brazilian sample pack, it has a few of the brazilian strings they stock Angle hair, Mondos and ying-yangs) perfect! ORDERD! POSTED! ARIVES! (one happy olitizzle)

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to do a review for each of the stings i got over the coming weeks! lol ill play with one type for a week write the review on this thread! happy days!

Right…lets get this show on the road!

i opened the pack spread them out closed my eyes and picked!..Angel hair! your up!

Description (from

Angel Hair strings are hand made in brazil from 100% polyamide they are definitely different from polyester they are stiff when new but they soften with use these strings hold a loop really well and last a long time much longer than any of our other strings

at the moment they are available in White or Fire which are 2 shades of orange in each pack of 10 angel hair are thinner and longer than our other strings.


The yoyoz sell them in white and fire (2 shades of orange). Personally i don’t like white strings, i mean they look nice when you first get them. kind of the classic yoyo string, but after 10 mins play its starts looking browny grey! not good! However these strings have a kind of shines to them. (guess thats why they call them angle hair) Anyway for white strings i like them!


Upon 1st feel they are feel smooth yet abit harsh at the sametime! sound stupid but let me explain! they feel smooth but feel like they gunna give you a burn if you play to fast, and at 1st my theory seemed to be true, upon fast play they did burn abit. However after about 15 mins they brak in and no more burn.


Like i said at 1st i thought the burn problem was going to ruin them but when they break in they are perfect. Nice a thin so you can get plenty of layers in with out slowing the yo down. I was expecting slack binds as they are thin but they bind nice and tight no bit loops to be seen. Slacks and suicides are a breeze the loops stay open, nice and big. They also seem to hold tension really well not twisting up for ages! i got a good 20 mins of play before I felt I needed to adjust the tension! (AWESOME!!)

FInal thoughts!

IM IN LOVE WITH A STRING!!! (the girlfriend aint impressed! lol) apart from my negativity about white string they strings seem to tick all my boxes! if i can get them in a different colour then I’m happy! I think the other strings have a challenge ahead!

rating out of 10… 8.5/10

hope you like the review! I’ll write the next review next week! i think its gunna be mondos!

p.s sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors (iv been writing essays all do so my mind is frazzled! lol

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Nice review! Next time I’m buying string gonna stock up on a whole bunch of poleyseter strings, angel hair’s one of them.

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cheers! yeah i would defiantly recommend them!

Angel hair is nylon ???


Anyways, I’m going to take a trip to Brasil this summer. I was actually born there. When I found out they had someof the world’s best yoyo string, I got my relatives who live there on the phone. Vulto here I come! :stuck_out_tongue:

i double checked then! lol i checked the website and it says 100% polyamide.

polyamide IS nylon :o. Look that it says at euro-yo

Pack of 5 Brazilian Angel Hair yo-yo Strings. 100 Percent Nylon (Polyamide).

Angel Hair strings are 100 per cent Nylon handmade Brazilian yoyo strings. This string is very firm.

lol! ether way then its the same stuff and doesn’t really change anything haha!

Is it very rough? I dont feel the love I used to from nylon string anymore :’(

its a strange one! its feels a bit rough to start of with but it breaks in nicely! not the roughest ive felt

coughlets hope you like Elementscough

lol, let hope it has good stirng tension or those things are going into the garbage, o wait, my mom uses my strings to sow stuff together…


I use Mondo and I hope you like it. It is an amazing string, whips, laceractions, fast and Pink!!!

Nice review!

yeah I think I’m gunna review them next iv got 4 different colours to choose from haha! I’ll start playin with them today! Looking forward to it!

MONDO! youre up!

Firstly let me say sorry! its been like 16 days since the last review, and i said id do one per week, but ive had loads of assignments and exams and university so ive had no time! but that all been handed in (and passed might i add! lol)

so…mondos…whats the deal?

Description (from

Mondo Handmade Brazilian 100% Polyester

Mondo strings are hand made in brazil from 100% polyester they are definitely different from our Mexican strings they are softer, thinner & longer the colours are very vibrant indeed. We have them in 9 fabulous colours

Mondos are hand made for us in Brazil and we rate them as the best poly strings we have used they are type 10 which makes them very soft and strong

Looks sell them in 9 colours - red, black, blue, pink, orange, purple,yellow, green, white.
I was sent the blue, pink, green orange and black. All of the colours are super vibrant and lasted quote a while without fading.


they feel really soft almost cotton like, upon a few fast boomerangs of eli-hops i was getting a few burns not unbearable but not good, after about 20mins of play they brake in nicely and burns are few and far between, only if u pull the string right along youre finger (but why would you do this anyway?)


These stings play super smooth and hold their tension well (at first) as for whips and slacks these strings are awesome (at first) that after a while say about 15-20 mins they start to loose their tension holding capabilities, which ruins the slacks & whips. which is a shame, i had high hopes for these. however this isnt enough to ruin them, but a bit of tension adjustment is needed. Then whips and slacks are good again. This doesn’t last for more that 15-20mins. so if you dont mind adjust tension every 15-20 mins and every 5 mins when these stings are getting old then youll be fine!

final thoughts.
This sting is pretty sweet nice colours not much by the way of burns, however more tension adjustment is need than angel hair, but less than others for example highlights. on the hole a good sting but i prefer angle hair.

rating out of 10… 8/10

next review will be in 1 week a promise! haha next up Ying-Yangs

how good are they in slacks, whips, and suicides?

edited, slacks whips!

I just got some Angel Hairs.

Mine take a while longer to “Break In”.

My fingers have like slashes across them from tricks :-X

Brazilian Strings are da bomb.

yeah they are!
slashes! OWCH! :o i must have rough hands or sumat even when i get burns i never cut myself lol

I have been yoyoing to much lately. My fingers hurt a ton, but I can’t stop throwing :stuck_out_tongue:

I have soft hands :smiley: