Alright, so I tried learning the trick branding today and I think Im doing something wrong on that last step. When I do that suicide thing i finish on the bottom string, not in a 1.5 mount. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, help? ???


First thing first, before the suicide, are you in something that is similar to a 1.5 mount?

AND if you are having trouble getting to the mount, I would recommend learning underwater basket weaving first


Yes it is similar to a 1.5 mount. Their is like an extra wrap over my index, its not exactly a traditional 1.5 but its similar. From a distance it looks the same but theirs like an extra string wrap around my index

I feel like Im doing the suicide right but Im not sure… It goes too quickly so I cant really tell if Im doing it right but it kinda feels right. Idk haha


Idk it took me a lil while to get it. But like lefty said look into Under Water Basket Weaving. It might help to also check out the tuts on YoTricks.


I get into the same mount with under water basket weaving but I still not getting the suicide right. And I’m learning from YoTricks


Ok so I just did the trick. What bottom sting are you landing on???


Like… it’s as if you were in a 1.5 mount, swung over your NTH like in buddha’s revenge, then did an underpass. I’m there.


It sounds like you might not be throwing the slack around fast enough. Try throwing the slack a second before you rotate your throw hand around the yoyo. Also, remember to only go around the yoyo once lol.


Whatever you do don’t watch any of Brett’s branding videos. He does it completely wrong and if you try to do it that way, as most people accidentally do at first, it will be a nightmare. The trick is to make sure before you brand that you have both string segments coming over your pointer finger, from there it’s just a simple toss and catch and you’re in a 1.5. To make sure you get in the right position it’s important to curl in your pointer finger while rolling the yoyo onto the bottom string, or else you’ll get an extra wrap around your pointer finger and it will be tough.

Notice how he curls in his finger at 42-50 seconds, also notice the position he’s in before the actual branding. You should be able to lift both segments without any wraps around your finger, also if you drop the loop without actually tossing it around you should end in a basic plastic whip or something similar, just one segment over your finger. It’s a simple trick, just needs to be done correctly.


I had some issues with getting this trick down too. One thing I realized is that in the final formation before the suicide, you should have a bit of a twist in that open segment ( the one that forms the loop you catch after the suicide ) that goes from your NTH to the kind of weird 1.5 mount. I was always trying to correct this and after I did the suicide/whip I would end up in a weird mount that had a hot mess down by the bearing.

Also- Yotricks!


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Alright this is hopeless… I think I’m just doing something wrong on the suicide that I’m not understanding… I’m in the right mount before doing the suicide, I’m doing the whole trick before it right… But I get the same result every time i do the suicide, it lands on the bottom string, I haven’t gotten it in a 1.5 ONCE.

I just don’t understand how I’m doing the suicide wrong…


Maybe film yourself doing the suicide and we might be able to see what is the issue.


Every time I see a thread like this I always think how awful it would be if it was taken out of context.




On the part where you swing the slack around for the suicide part, you have to pop the yoyo up in the air a bit, right? When you do that, the yoyo has to come back down outside of your throwhand (to the right of your hand if you are right-handed). It sounds like you are probably letting the yoyo drop back down between your hands, which will result in landing in the mount you are describing.

When you pop the yoyo up, you can either think of it as circling your throwhand underneath the yoyo in the same direction you are whipping the string, or as popping the yoyo up over your throwhand from the inside to the outside. Both should result in the same motion, but one way might be easier to visualize. Either way, if you can get the yoyo to come down outside your throwhand and catch the slack, you should be able to land in a 1.5.


That’s what I wasn’t doing! I can do it now, thanks! Adding that makes it harder though, but at least I can do it right, and I’ll keep working on it :smiley:


This is one helluva tip. I just skipped over this trick when I first got started. Well, kinda, I tried it for a couple weeks and couldn’t get it, moved on, skru it. Lately Ive decided that since I’m somewhat of a decent thrower now I would go back and get revenge on a couple beginner tricks that gave me hail. I have got my revenge on all of em so far except for this one, until I dug this up. I really think this could help a lot of people so I have decided to resurrect this treasure chest of knowledge thanks to yossarian. Just hop it over your throw hand instead of trying to swing it. Simple stupid simple.