Branding and Underwater Basket Weaving

Hey guys. I’ve been having trouble with two tricks taught at yotricks called Branding and Underwater Basket Weaving. Both have an element that I can’t seem to get down. Basically, the string in a 1 1/2 mount is thrown around and recaptured, like a suicide. I’m having a lot of trouble landing it consistently. I get it every so often, but I usually miss it. HELP!!! Thx.

Well it’s not a 1.5 mount, both string segments should be going over your pointer finger, then just toss the loop and catch it.

When your at the last part of the trick the “toss”. You need to keep 2 things in mind.

  1. Throw the loop around.
  2. As you throw the loop around, you spin your hand around the throw in the same direction.

Ex: If you are a lefty like me, you will toss the loop to the left and rotate your hand the same direction around the throw.

Hope this hleps you out.

I had trouble with this a while back. I can finally do it.

It is hard to tell you how to do it. I find that if you throw the slack (not just drop it) over your TH Index, then the loop is bigger and easier to catch. Try that.

Other than that, and like every other trick, practice it. You say you can do it part time. Make sure you remember what you do when you do it those times and do what every your are doing.

Good luck.