Branding Tutorial??

Hey guys, ive really been intrested in the trick called “branding”, due to the 1.5 mount and suicide! lol Anways there isnt a lot of good tuts out there in my eyes, i can kind of do the trick, but i usually have too many strings over my throw finger when u do the flip. Is there anyone that can do a good detailed tut for this trick? thanks…

i cant make a tut for you ATM, BUT just look really closely at the way doc pop does it. that might help.

I don’t know if you have already seen it, but J. Lev has one:

yeah ive seen it, its just a bit confusing, the only part that confuses me is when he flips the yoyo over to the back string, i usually have an extra wrap. I want to see just a breakdown for that last part. Thats all.

yeah, he doesnt explain it well. maybe i can later today