Branch out.

I “branched out” a long, long time ago. Yoyos are just one small part of the things I do with my life, none of which are particularly philosophical or whatever in nature. I am content with what i do…

I think some of you guys are getting a little bent out of shape by Haru’s thread. Go and play with your other hobbies and collections of Socrates quotes.

I was a magician then a juggler(that includes poi devil stick cigar box ect) then a yoyoer do whatever you want but its nice to have other hobbies in case one gets boring.

Wow… Just wow… Josh only means well, why can’t you see that? He’s just saying you might want to try out other skill toys to maybe advance your yoyo style or vice versa. Though I hae to agree that Josh was sounding a bit silly in the “natural flow” philosiphicol stuff during his little Poi example.

I remember one time that Steve Brown said a thought about influence/inspiration. He said something along the lines of getting influence outside of yoyo. I believe it was music for him…? Can’t remember. Steve used to be a juggler and thus I am sure some of his tricks have been based from that skilltoy.

With that said, branching out to other skilltoys is a healthy way to influence your own yoyoing. You take the ideas from what you learned on another skilltoy and try to apply them to yoyo. I’m not sure if Johnnie Devalle did contact juggling, but his “grind concept” (not sure if his, but its been often said it is his) seems to have the appearance of contact juggling.

Always keep a open mind of what you play. Although for those that are heavily dedicated to yoyo and wish not to play other skilltoys, there is nothing wrong with that either.


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I think this might be like pokemon. You have the one that you like most (use most) and others that you still like, but not as much(use not as much)

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thank you

This is a yoyo website that also sells kendamas and spin tops. So if he is promoting either yoyos, kendamas or spin tops that’s wonderful because it supports yoyoexpert… If he’s promoting poi or something else this really isn’t the site for that. In fact this topic isn’t even about yoyoing, so it was posted in the wrong section. It really should be in the non-yoyo related section.

Don’t be so frosty, you’re not paying for server space.