College yo-ing

Hey, guys.  I don’t really get on the forums much anymore, but I came up with some new stuff.
Check it out if you want.  No negativity, please.


so smooth and what yoyo, very nice

It’s a Vs. Newton YoYo Concepts Septopus Leg #2.
Regular Poly string, and a KK.

Bamp. Looking for more advice/constructive criticizm. I’d really like to start competing next year, so any critiques would be greatly appreciated.

dang, very nice. how long have you been yoyoing?
and for some constructive criticism, perhaps work on getting your horizontal a bit more uhh… well horizontal.


Thank you for your reply.

I think I’ve been throwing for about 3 years, actually.

And, yes. I’ve heard that before, and I appreciate your critique. My reasoning behind the small angle is mainly because it just feels better and more natural this way, and I was in a VERY cramped dorm room (I would go outside, but, loltexashumidity).
I like to use the term “Off-axis”, simply because “horizontal” is very misleading.

Is there anything else I could work on or improve?

Seems like you love them triangles, so I would recommend learning red Triangle involved tricks, like suicides, and what not. Loving it other wise. Go Texas! (Im in SA, so you have my support)

Thanks, man!
I’ve also noticed that I’ve made a habit out of green triangles, and have been meaning to change it lol. I’ll definitely look into Red triangles, and other trick endings.

Nope, I am going to bring negativity in. But I am going to do it in the nicest way possible.

You could improve your smoothness and fluidity. Try to find “reasons”, or new elements to take the place of where you just redirect the yo-yo. Like your Split Bottom combo at 1:08. That hurts to see.

You can also improve by finding/making tricks that are easier for a NON-yo-yoer to understand. Your average everybody does not understand how a wrist mount works, nor do they know how hard a 45-degree “horizontal” trick is. Go all or nothing. Go perfectly horizontal (use flops), or go home.

If you tend to lean towards Green Triangles… Learn how to… get OUT OF Green Triangles. Yeah, bunches of fun. Put your college-degree-worthy mind to THAT.

Also, try to move your hands and arms less. Just trust me.
(OK, if you DON’T trust me, it looks better if you are lackadaisically moving the yo-yo to your will, instead of moving your whole body to just make the trick happen)

But keep up the creativity. I saw a few elements that could be improved on (too “preoccupied” to look again), so work WITH that. Turn your tricks up to eleven. And watch “Spinal Tap” if that didn’t make sense.


 I agree about the comment on smoothness.  This is something I've worked on in the past, but I do need more work on it.
 Who says I didn't find reasons or purposes for elements?  What was so "hurtful" about a trick that took a lot of thought?  Why SHOULD I go completely perpendicular from the ground?  I'm on a yo-yo forum, so why should I cater my tricks to a non-yoer?  Just because the average Joe doesn't know what a Hidemasa Hook is, doesn't mean I'm not going to use it.  Anyways, if I'm going to try to please a non-thrower, I'll do picture tricks, or gimmicky things like Suicides caught on the tongue.
 As for the comment about green triangles, yes.  I agree.  However, this has already been pointed out and agreed upon (not trying to be rude, it's just that something is only constructive after it's pointed out once).
 I won't trust you about moving my body vs just my hands.  Why?  That's my style.  I take it from yo-yoers whom inspire me (very successful yo-yoers, I might add), and this style makes me happy.  I'm not out to stand completely still and get as many string hits as humanly possible.  When I compete, I'm going to do it to have fun, not to get 1st place or die trying.

With that said, thank you for taking the time to respond.