Getting braces TOMORROW!!!

Don’t get white, they get really dirty and turn brown. It would actually be pretty funny to get all white and then one green, so it looks like you got something stuck in your teeth.

Ugh. Braces. Get the clear kind, or the gold kind if you find yourself to be really cool.

Then, I’m pretty sure that you can get clear bands too, which is a bonus.

Trust me when I saw that tomorrow will be a VERY strange time for your mouth.

Golds going up on the list!

And I don’t want clear!

I don’t have bands. It looks better that way IMO. It’s super weird and painful at first. And it’s really easy to get stuff stuck in them.

try to stay away from white and yellowy colors, I used to kick it oldschool with some blue, or black.


You’ll get over the excitement and it’ll fade into boredom. Colors stop mattering after a few months. After a few years you just want them gone. I’ve had them. For 4 years.
Hot pink looks swell though. Black looks bad as it makes your teeth look less white.

I didn’t get to pick a color and I’m getting my off next month they are just plain silver

Good luck man, I had mine for over 5 years and my teeth hurt so bad when they took them off that my retainer wouldn’t stay in. Now my teeth are a little crooked again.

I got black and red.

No tongue suicides from now on.

Thanks for scaring me.

I think you should provide us with a photo when you get the chance.

YoYoExpert braces. No greater allegiance to the brotherhood has been known.
Yo with pride!

I’ll enter the stick it click it win contest. Whering nerd glasses of course!

These hurt really bad…

wow you guys have them on a long time, mine are only going to be one for a year.

wow…sorry they hurt so much. Of course the pain tells you they are doing their job. After a while they won’t hurt so much.

Mine are on for 2.