Boulay - Suzuki Deathmatch? Wow ...

I was really shocked to see this …

Woah! Mickey is unwise. He knows he will never ever win.

Well, Mickey does have 4 world titles, which is more than Andre (0), but what I’m excited to see is a new video of both of them. I haven’t seen any new videos from either.

It’ll be sad to see one of them die. But that’s the way it has to be when the gauntlet for yoyo deathmatch is thrown down.

The Expert vs. The Addict

andre has it in the bag, unless hiroyuki resorts to foul play.

Mickey is a desperate criminal…

I am just going to hope that you all are joking and you know this is an April Fools Day prank. :smiley: But, it’s a good one.

Zorro, if you read my quote again, you will see that it is in all seriousness. Don’t you even know that in a deathmatch challenge, someone has to die? That’s why it’s called “deathmatch”. Death.

this is a prank(i think)
what is a yoyo deathmatch anyway

edit: if you can see there isnt a post like this on yoyonews :wink:

So will Andre be doing this from his jail cell or is he going to get bailed out?

April Fools!!!