Boss stability issues

I want to get a BOSS,but I’ve read that the BOSS has a really short axle,meaning that if you drop it a few times, it will get serious stability issues.
Unfortunately, i am a bit of a klutz, and will most probably drop the yoyo a few times.

I’ve been wondering if any of you that own a BOSS have dropped it had these issues. If so, please comment.

Thx :slight_smile:

I don’t see how it could cause stability issues. Maybe cause give though.

Huh??? Do you mean vibe?

I’ve dropped my Boss and banged it on the ground and other things countless times. It definitely looks like it’s taken a beating, but it plays as good as new.

Are you kidding? The boss is the boss 8)

If you’re awesome and you know it get a [size=10pt]Catalyst[/size]

Dropping it shouldn’t affect stability. It could cause vibe, but probably not too much. Think of the axle as simply bringing the bearing seat of each half flush against the inside track of the bearing. When it’s firmly secured, it takes a pretty bent axle to make a difference. Like if you sat or fell on the yoyo.

Also, the thickness of the axle is what that counts, not so much the length.

I have a boss that has dings. Still a great throw

Have a boss, never dropped it but good to hear when I do it’ll still be amazing. :slight_smile:

I have/had a Boss and it was dropped. It still played as well as the day I got it. If you like undersized yoyos this is the one to get.

Heh phone auto correct.