Boss slowing down?

My boss after about 4 days of play is slowing down, it is still unresponsive. It used to spin for 2 mins. now, 45 seconds, I know I have a crappy throw. What should I do?

Maybe you should work on your crappy throw? lol
Check the bearing, maybe something got in it.

The stock bearings always suck, so you mite want to replace it with a new one.

PS. if you are going to replace it (witch i HIGHLY recommend) get a center trac bearing. Makes a huge difference!

Um… You are wrong here man. From the people I have listened to about bearings, and the people I have talked to about them, Stock bearings are usually better. Josh Parker and Kirby Kirchgasler (string burn live anyone?) both said in the last episode they don’t like the kk,center trac bearing because they don’t allow the string to move like they should. Most people(that I’ve talked to) play with stock bearings, and they can do things that blow my mind. Don’t replace the bearing unless it is broken, that is my $.02

well you know more about yoyos than me, so your probably right.

but it really sounds like he needs a new bearing

A couple of mine have done that. 1 had fibers from the string that had worked their way around the shields and were turning the lube into yellow hairy paste. On the other, one of the silicone pads melted and did pretty much the same thing. eitherway, soaking it ,deshielded, in zippo fluid, blowing it out with compressed air and putting a pindrop on sewing machine oil fixed it.
Though you have my upmost respect if you can wear through a bearing in 4 days. :wink:

The bearing on my BOSS crapped out recently with no reasonable explanation (bearing insides looked fine, lube didn’t help) so i ended up getting a center track bearing…
it works quite nicely and i highly recommend it ;D

First point of call give it a really good clean and a light lube, and play working on you throw, and just enjoy the yoyo.