Boss and ENEME?

(Chase Baxter) #1

Ok, I already have an ENEME and I was wondering if they plat the same and if the BOSS is worth saving my money up for, So far my want list is yyf BOSS, yyf 888x, Kyo DNS, ickyo Agape, if somebody has any of these please tell me if their good!


BOSS is beast. I am on the Expert part 2 section so im pretty experienced. I suggest the Boss all the way.


not really only the same size my friend has a boss i tried it a bunch and i have an eneme there awsome the only thing the same is there both undersized sorta but eneme weighs more


The BOSS is a…


is a…

BOSS, that’s it!

They really aren’t very similar, except they’re both undersized.


Eneme is okey.
Boss is good …
BUT BOSS with 10ball bearing …it’s beast.The smoothest thing I’ve ever thrown…