what do you recommend?

hey guys,

So I’m not looking for a new main throw, just something that would be fun, here’s what i have already in order.

3.this is the spot i want to fill

what I’m looking at is, Eneme and BOSS.

they both fit my preferences perfectly i just want to know witch is better at grinding, witch has a better IRG, witch is faster, and witch is more floaty.


I’ve heard alot of good things about the BOSS

Dr.YoYo has reviews on both of them. I would read them and decide.

ENEME Review

BOSS Review

if your trying to fill the spot with something fun, id get a dingo.

if your trying to fill it something better than a dv888, but worse than a hatrick, id get a boss or the new 44 that comes out on friday. the 44 is gonna be around 90 dollars.

I don’t think you could consider them “worse” than the hatrick.

its definitely spelt “WHICH” not “WITCH” sorry that was bothering me.