Borrowing part of B/S/T???

Do you think a borrowing section in B/S/T would work. Like you just trade for a littlw while just to try out a yo-yo? Tell me what you think?

People do it, but it’s usually people that at least somewhat know each other. As far as making a subsection: I think it’s a good idea, but probably isn’t really needed.

I think it would be great because if you really want to try a yo-yo you could but just not own it. But you would have to be really trust worthy to do it…

well, some people don’t want someone touching their prized metals, they’ll probably get it back with a paranoid thought that its spin time’s killed or it has more vibe. You really wouldn’t trade plastics, because it isn’t really worth the shipping.

As for the trust, If they don’t scam you on B/Sing, I don’t think they’d do so on this. The problem would be when to trade back, specially if they like yours more.

it doesn’t seem very practicle, shipping both ways would be like $2-4, but i guess if you don’t mind paying that, and i don’t think it really needs a subsection, if i saw a lot of people doing it maybe, but iv’e never seen someone asking to borrow.

sure, but what happens when One person wants to trade back and the other doesn’t?

In theory, this sounds awesome but when you set the plan in motion, it just wouldn’t work out.

i dont think this is a good idea they could borrow a yoyo get back theirs and then keep the other persons

Yeah, I agree with the preceding comments.
While it sounds like a great way to cheaply check out new throws before investing cash in them, it’s really only feasible among IRL friends.
The first time someone receives an upscale yo-yo in the mail from a stranger, and ends up throwing it into the pavement 5 minutes later, the entire show will take a nose dive.

EDIT*Oh god, this thread is a month old. What am I doing?

  1. Who knows if your yoyo is coming back?
  2. A good friend of mine had his only metal scammed away from him… the B/S/T only works if people are trustworthy.
    I’m not so sure this would work.
    To many greedy people. :’(

:frowning: Don’t remind me :’(

Thats why we do that at competitions…If the guy decides to run away, Metal yoyo+boomerang