Boomerang help!

I’m trying to get the boomerang trick but when I tried to pull the yoyo, I cut my non-throw hand and it bleed. What am I doing wrong? Do I need gloves or something to start, or is there anyone having trouble this? ???

After you’re in boomerang mount and after you push the yoyo, make sure you look at the yoyo
and take your string to be ready to catch the yoyo and then pop again, like you’re taking a string to
let the yoyo land on the string as a trapeze. Make sure you let the yoyo hit a string. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Thanks but I mean, there is still friction, and it hurts. If I practice enough, can I get rid of it?

Wait, your yoyo have friction stickers?

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I believe that he is talking about string-to-skin friction. This has caused his finger to burn and bleed.

My answer to the problem is tape. You can use gloves if it’s a real pain to do boomerang. But some athletics tape on the right spots will work.

Thats what I was talking about, Thank you!

Oh yeah, Try not to let that happen or forget that yoyo trick.

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Yes, try some tape. However, if you just want to deal with the pain, I suggest moving past boomerang for a while and get used to the string.

Wait, how does tape work?

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You tape it on the part of the finger that you are gonna boomerang with. Like that, since tape is smoother than your skin (Usually), the string will just glide across it, instead of giving you rug burns.

Id recomend medical tape, its a little stiff but string will “glide” on it. Im skipping boomerang until i get a glove though :smiley:

I just use cloth for everything.

I solved it wihout tapes or gloves! It cut my finger because yoyo’s weight was applying pressure to the finger. When I did this move fast, the pressure decreased. Because yoyo was flying around and its momentum didnt let the yoyo to apply pressure. Hope this helps to others. ;D

egeert is right. i was having this problem often when i began drop in the bucket. i was pulling on the yoyo while it was still building momentum swinging toward my throw hand. i simply solved it by waiting until it would swing away to pull it onto the string. just be wary of the yoyo’s momentum. timing is key.

For the sole purpose of practicing boomerang, I use a thin knit glove. (The ones that are “winter” gloves but don’t do anything to help against it)

Eventually, you’ll build up a callous on your finger. Sometimes, though, it’s just too humid to do it. Another alternative to tape/gloves is to put a little bit of superglue/new skin on your finger. It’s kind of like an instant callous.

Timing is the key, I agree. If you just pull the string, you’ll cut your finger. So you must move your non-throw hand up and down while pulling the rope. This will help and looks cool too. ;D

that works, but like randy said, after your callous develops, you don’t actually need to move your free hand. i do it different ways with different yo-yo’s, but i prefer keeping my freehand still. i find it more “laterally explosive”. (yeah i said that)