Boom de Yada Yo-yo edition

Hey guys, I want to try to make the boom de yada song with yo-yoing. The idea is you guys make a quick vid and send it to my email and I make a montage of those into one song. You guys sing your lyric in the thing.

If you don’t know what boom de yada is then here:

bump. Come on, this could be fun!

I’d help you but I cant do lyrics.
Useful eh? lol

I actually REALLY want to participate in this. I have a funny one planned…

For someone who participates in this:

♪"I love to steal tricks, from Alex Berenguel."♫

“I love when my yo-yo binds.”

“I love being a thrower.”

“I love when it goes behind!”

“Boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada.”

i don’t get this… oh well doesn’t matter.

Boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada*

I love my new breed
I love my hatrick more.
I love new throws,
when they come threw the door.
I love 1a
it’s quite traditional
i love whips and slacks
there not trendtitional
I love 2a
i love to 3 leaf clover
i loop da loop
i like to do it over
i like 3a
i love how it is hard
i love my money
collected in a jar
I love 4a
i maybe love it more
i like mu big yo
except for when it hits the floor
I love 5a
I love the counterwieghts
I love electric fan
I love how it gets me dates.

well, i thought that up in 5 seconds…

That’s good! we need more people!