Bombsquad Contest Entry Video - DrYoYo

(Chris Allen) #1

Thought you guys might enjoy this

(JM) #2

Y Y (eff)

My sound was down the first time so I was thoroughly confused. Great work man, very funny.

(Chris Allen) #3

I can do three towers, so that means I can do three "y"s, but I cant do a Y-Y-F so I figured if I mouthed “F” (eff) that it might work.


That was an awesome video you made!!! ;D

I think I’m gonna lose…

Happy Throwing! =]

(Kei) #5

Awesome job!
I liked how creative it was. ;D

(JM) #6

So epic. I think I’m gonna make a longer string to see if I can toss an “eef” in there somewhere. Still a funny video. HAI!


woow :smiley:
thats really awesome.
i laugh pretty loud when the Y-Y-(eef) comes.


by any chance do you play marvel vs capcom 2???

and am not talking about the lame PS3 version…

sega dreamcast and arcade only