2 new things :D

hi guys. just added some random song. using my YYR Dreadnought. The first one is string rejection to star to tower. Inspired by Irfan(nvm abt this guy you don’t know him), and Ryota Ogi. The 2nd combo is, yea some new combo i made up randomly. Haha. enjoy…

Awesome, have you thought about making tutorials? :wink:

not really O.O
but i can make one soon if you want.


yeh please, also in another one of your vidoes, I think I posted something, and it was a trick that just some how ended in a tower or a gt, not quite sure which video but could you also make a tutorial for that as well!

Lester, lol. I did not know u had a YYE account

LOLWUT. Don’t irritate me here.
ok sure i’ll look into it.

DUDE that was awesome come on make a tutorial of your yoyo tricks ;D

i’ll try to when i have time. now i’m rather busy with exams.