Making combos

Hullo (:

So last month I found my yuuksta in the folds of my couch and have been throwing it every day since. I’ve come up with one combo and know a couple advanced tricks but I’m stuck, I cant make good looking combos.

Bleh my brain is like asdcas right now so I’m just going to ask my questions and be done with it lol.

  1. what is the style where you throw the yoyo at an angle called?

  2. I really want to start making combos and I just want to know how you guys started making them. Did you learn full combos from youtube tutorials and once you had a bunch compiled you were able to make them or did you learn the basic tricks and work your way up?

  3. Could you guys link me to some cool tutorials of tricks that fit into this style:
    (along with the one shown above)

  4. I want to get a normal sized yoyo (I currently throw a yuuksta) but I’m really picky about the way they look. Which do you guys suggest?

Sorry if I seem really unfriendly, I just cant explain what I’m having trouble with. I really appreciate your help and I cant wait to get some answers~

  1. horizontal
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  1. People all learn differently. There might be tutorials for combos of YouTube, but I made mine by taking elements of different tricks and putting them together.
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ty for the replies <:

I think I’m gonna buy a cheap plastic yoyo to throw while my other one drys (silicone) :confused:

Haha, unless you are buying in an actual retailer and not online, your silicone will dry before your package arrives. But it’s a good idea to have an inexpensive plastic yoyo to carry around and not worry about damaging. :slight_smile:

lol yeah I just meant for future siliconing “sessions” (: do you recommend any plastics because I’m thinking of just buying another metal lol (trident/chief/erm)

then again it would be nice to have a beater (my yuuksta is my current beater lol)

if you count in hybrids i would suggest protostar and northstar, i have protostar and completely love it. As for making combos. At first i went through learning all the full tricks on this site and other like rethinkyoyo, after awhile you just start comboing things in different ways. Right now often when i practice i am not doing planned tricks, i just throw stuff together and sees what sticks, if i hit something i like i improve it and remember it for later.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll check out the protostar and could you show me where you found the tricks on this site? I use the rethinkyoyo site but I’m not sure where I would find it here O:

Finch beat me to it. Northstar and Protostar are both great plastics, according to what I’ve heard.

Here’s the link for the trick tutorials from RethinkYoyo:

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what i say to anyone that asks me how i do my combos, its all about being creative, taking the basic elements and tricks, and being creative on it, hop it somewhere else, flip over your finger once or twice, maybe drop the formation and see where you get, this is the beauty of yo-yoing, endless possibilities and many different ways to do it, alot of combos actually are just many tricks put together and flow easily into the next, good luck and have fun

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