Two Years/ BombSquadYYF Video

Hey guys,
I made myself a BombSuadYYF and 2 years yoyoing video. I wasn’t very creative, but next time I will. I hope you like it!  :wink:

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Happy Throwing! =]

P.S: I started yoyoing in March 12, 2008.

love some of the concepts.

Wow, nobody likes my vid except andrew?

Happy Throwing! =]

I liked it alott, You are pretty good ;D

Dude that was a GOOD video. That hubstack thing was sick!

I like seeing people still messing around with stacks. I liked that video a lot!

dude i loved it!! r u the same guy that makes those yoyoexperttutorials???


Happy Throwing! =]

Thanks for comments, gonna make another vid soon.

Happy Throwing! =]