BombSquadSF Contest Entry

Hello everyone,
This is my first video & my contest entry.
Let me know what you think… comments, thoughts,
things that may help, and criticism is welcomed  :slight_smile:


great video! what kind of camera did you use?

Thnx, the cam cord that I used for this vid is called Kodak Play Sport.

Really nice, where was this filmed?

Great. Really fun to watch.

Nice job. Really good ! What throw did you use in it ?

It looks like it’s mostly breakaway.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Here around my area in Los Angeles

He meant yoyo.

Wicked. I liked how “real life” it seemed. I’m starting to shy away from watching videos with a bland backdrop and focusing more on videos that move out and about.

Go to YouTube and look in the video description. It says, “Yo-Yo’s: YYF Counter Attack, 888”

Thanks agentone001 for letting him know :slight_smile:

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Thanks, am glad to hear that :slight_smile:

This is an amazing video. I am very happy with it and i hope you win this contest.