Boingy-Boing or Boing-E-Boing?


Feel free to discuss.

Not sure if this has been asked before or not.

(Q) #2

Also heard it called Boingy-Boingy.
Just lettin’ ya know.


I learned it from Andre as E, and dat the way I gonna say it foo! Call it as Boing-E-Boing! Or something else, I don’t care.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Boing-E-Boing ( a.k.a. Atomic Boingy-Boingy; created by Sky Kiyabu )

Right from the original source.

(M²) #5

You like to pit people against each other don’t you brian…
I’ve heard it all ways, i think yomega even calls it boingy boing. Personally, i prefer to call it boing boing just because it’s shorter.




I second this.