Boingy boing movement help

I keep going side to side instead of up and down, any way to fix that.Also tilting when I keep the string alined

Make sure you have a string straight throw and once you pop into the split bottom mount make it one fluid motion into the bouncing.

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One fluid motion , this is the tricks that mostly 70% or more that yoyoer can’t do this smoothly without frustration .

try to keep your hand alinged as much a s possible then bounce small bounce , that way when you get the feel of it you should do a little bit bigger , and bigger, and bigger and finally one BIG bounce .

Don’t worry your not the only one who’s having trouble with , i too still have one massive headache with it but at least i can do it in one fluid motion .

Good luck

This vid helped me a lot:

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I got some small ones put it tilts after

practices ,practices ,pratices . That’s the key

How do I do the up and down

You make sure your TH is directly above your NTH hand and you just make fast short movements up and down (make sure the front and back strings are aligned) then just keep the rhythm. It takes practice.

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Once you’re able to do the up and down a few times, the movement and your instincts will pretty much tell you how fast to go. More importantly, the speed and size of your up and down movement will actually dictate the bounce of the yoyo, so it’ll all just align intuitively.

In short, there is no answer to “how fast”… you’ll just get it once you get going.

In terms of getting going, I have a few things to say on that:

  1. Previous posters are correct that going in one fluid motion is the best.

  2. If you CANNOT get going in one fluid motion, you can still fake it! Instead of your first “up and downs” being straight up and down, use your index finger to swing the yoyo forward a weeeeee tiny little bit. Then go straight up and down. You’re just giving it a tiny little “swing” to get it started. Naturally, swing in the correct alignment.

  3. My limited experience shows that equipment matters to a certain degree. I can do it fairly easily with my Chaser, DM2, or DNS. But if I am using my Lyn Fury, it takes much more concentration and care, and for a while I couldn’t even do it. You might have a throw that’s less boingy-boing friendly, which only means it might take more practice (but you will still be able to do it!)

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