Boingy boing help!

i can get into the mount fine but when i start the motion my yo yo goes side to side, any tips?

Try using the search function before making a brand new topic. I made a thread that addressed this exact issue when I found a method that worked for me to fix the side-to-side motion.,8586.0.html Hope this helps :wink:

Yes, the search button has hundreds of topic on Boing E Boing that are sure to help you.
But, if you’re still having trouble. get into mount and make sure the strings are aligned. From there you should consider doing one barrel roll/atomic bomb. then start slowly and as yo get the motion you keep exaggurating the movement for a successfull boing e

k thanks!

And next time, just use the thank you button. It cuts down on needless posts. Thanks.

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some people say that you have the feel of it or not

Either way, people who don’t have the feel for it eventually get it. It’s all about practice, patience, and determination.

try little boings at first then try getting bigger.