Boingy boing & Eli Hops Help!

Whenever I do the boingy boing I get it going for like 4 seconds then the yoyo goes out of the two strings its supposed to be bouncing on. What am I doing wrong? ???

And I just can’t do the Eli Hops I don’t know why. Any tips? =)

practice. then after you practice, practice some more.

What dynikus said. I can’t do boingy yet but for Eli hops it will just come with practice.

as for your boingy boing going out of the strings, or whatever, stand in front of the yoyo. as turn your body so you are facing the gap and not the side of the yoyo. the point of it, is to keep the yoyo straight, looking at it from the side will… just not end well. eli hops is a practice thing

Boing-E-Boing is one of those tricks that just “clicks.” Its really hard to get down, loads of people (myself included,) have issues with it.

There are two main things to remember: 1) You’re not going side-to-side. The rhythm in your throwhand is up and down, not back and forth. 2) Rhythm is everything. Getting into the groove, knowing how fast the yoyo goes back and forth and all of that is crucial to getting the trick to work.

And things 1 and 2 will come from more practice.

Eli Hops are also tons of practice. The concept of landing the yoyo on that little bit of string seems really hard, because it is. But just constantly doing it will help you. Also, start small. Don’t go for huge hops right away. Just jump up a little bit and land it to get the idea, then as you get more confident, go bigger.

yep, boings and hops just have to click at some point, they did click for me maybe 10 days ago, and it’s almost 1 year that I’ve started throwing

I just couldn’t do any of these, and all of a sudden, I could

practice, practice, don’t expect for it to happen, it’ll happen eventually, once it clicks, you got it.

I am a little late on this but I just got the Boing E Boing.

What made it click for me was I stopped for a while and moved on to other tricks. One night screwing around I went back to it and popped my hand up and down faster than it needed to go. Thats when it clicked. I tried to slowly when I first tried to learn it. When I double timed it I got some good bounces then flew out. I just progressively slowed down my hand speed and found the right tempo for me.

Another thing was to keep the mount low around my waistline height. This let me watch to see if my hands are in proper alignment.

yes, I think that’s how it’s done

learn the basics of BEB, move on to other tricks, perfect your alignment and general play flow, then occasionally, go back to the trick, at some point, it’ll just click

did the same for eli hops, and it just clicked at some point

I have been working on BEB for like 2 years. Sometimes I get it sometimes I don’t Just keep at that one.

Eli Hops takes practice but there are a few little tricks. When doing them, there should be constant tension on the string. Don’t think of it as launching and catching, think of it more as a pop and a pull down to the catch string, remember it is your non-throw hand that is doing most of the work, and that catching is easier closer to your NTH index finger.

Keep working on them, you will get them down.

I’ve just started working on over/under boing e boings, the whole thing feels different now

I tend to believe that there are several stages within the process of learning that trick

at least for me it is

  1. you focus on hitting the strings, you got no rythm at this stage and miss a lot, but you can get an idea of the look and what needs to be done to get there
  2. you find a way to perform the trick more or less, the rythm seems to settle in and you don’t miss that much, although, the trick still looks sort of weird, not as dynamic as those you see in the “pros” vids
  3. the rythm finally gets to you and the trick starts to look dynamic. other issues rise (yoyo weight, string length) that you didn’t foresee. Overall you can do the trick, it starts to look decent (not quite there yet), but you have to quickly “learn” the trick and get the rhythm down again whenever you change your yoyo or string length.
    this is where I am, I’m not quite there yet, but to the non yoyoers, it already looks like a pretty good trick.

I’ve done some in my last vid

feel free to criticize
I’ve been playing for 1 year now, and I’m clearly behind lots of kids (although, the fact that I’ve been doing lots of 5A might be a good enough, if not reason, “excuse” for my lack of skill at this point)
the other dude is been playing for 6 months or so, once he’ll get some tricks down, I suspect he’ll become fairly fast.

yoyo seems to be rather a marathon than a sprint. now I see how I could become after 1year, I have a better idea of what it takes to get really good like most folks in the vids and doing the contests.

there are these “tricks”, like boing e boing, some players get them right away, others are still struggling after 2 years, it took me 1 year to get where I am now (in the vid, we shot it yesterday)

when i started doing boingy boing it kept falling out so i did the split bottom on my middle finger that keeps all the strings straight then just keep practicing the motion up and down up and down the when u get it down switch back to the index finger for the mount.

you raise a very good point here, which is valid for pretty much any other trick

when learning the right move, make it as easy for you as possible (KK, different positions etc…) so your body can learn how the trick works. once you can do the trick, you can re-adjust to your standard level of difficulty of choice