ive noticed that they yetis tend to have like a dirty look to them. my friend showed me his blue one and it has like a kind of dirty look to it. are all yetis like this like not just the blue ones but the rest to? and if so why are they like that?

It’s a glass injected plastic, so it has that cool “dirty” marbled kinda look.

Unless your friend’s Yeti is actually dirty lol

oh idk haha its like blue with a few black ish marks on it

Yeah, its actually dirty lol… They have a clean marbled look new. But the plastic they are made out of kind of sucks unfortunately and that is what happens with age I guess. :frowning:

The plastic doesn’t suck, but it does look kinda ugly in khaki color :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the plastic doesn’t quite last as well as a polycarbonate according to Steve, and it gave lengthy problems in finishing and could come back to require more finishing. I personally didn’t play with mine all that much so it’s not first hand experience.

Wow another yeti thread.

I bought my blue Yeti second hand, and it still looks clean. ;D I think your friend dirtied his Yeti. :stuck_out_tongue: Evidence of clean Yeti below. by Total Artist, on Flickr