Blow my owm horn


I hope nobody mines my blowing my own horn. Today Social Security says I am no longer disable but retired. Today I turned 65.
I start yo-yoing from 1960 to 1962. Three years ago at 62 I started throwing again and am enjoying it.


Nice! Enjoy retirement and of course yoyoing!


So how’s it feel to not be disabled anymore?? :wink:


I feel the same. I am just glad to be here since I have lived with a bad heart for 32 years.


Does that mean that you get to yoyo a lot more? hehe glad everything is going good.


Congrats on your retirement, and Happy Birthday!


Aren’t you a little young to be playing with such an old toy?

Congrats! I hope it’s a good one!


Thank you all for your good wishes.