Old friend here asked me if I still yoed. No...but I work with some guys with developmental disabilities...and I think I'm going to get a few yos for them to play with! (just a long winded ramble)

No idea why I’m typing this haha. I haven’t posted on these forums in a very long time (I think it’s been several years at this point).

I still have all my yos (collected tons of greens! :green_heart: )…but they’re just collecting dust at this point. I was able to pull off some pretty awesome tricks before I quit, but one of the biggest frustrations I was running into…was my lack of consistency and it was driving me bonkers lol. I could stand there for an hour trying to do a trick and land it like once >.<'. Another thing that burnt me out was…this feeling like I just uniquely sucked haha. I’m sure a ton of people can relate to this feeling. It’s like I had all this passion and tried really hard…but I was ALWAYS falling behind others at my skill level. They’d soar past me in skills and consistency, and I was thrilled for them…but I’d remain stuck, seemingly making almost no improvements and it became incredibly frustrating and led to massive burn out.
I was never quite able to figure out how to just ‘throw’ for fun. One of my main drives have always been to get better and I can be pretty hard on myself. Again, I bet TONS of you guys can relate with this stuff!

Anyhow…I landed a dream job a few months ago where I get to work 1on1 with a bunch of adults who have developmental disabilities and/or acquired brain injuries and it’s a ton of fun (though can also be pretty stressful!). There’s a handful of members that could TOTALLY learn to throw a yo! :smiley: I’m almost positive a couple of them could even learn to do binds at some point!
An old friend here on these forums recently private messaged me and asked if I still yo…and it sparked the idea of getting some of the people I hang with into it! I’m always looking for things to do with them! I work in group homes and at an ‘activity’ center (we also do tons of things in the community)! I don’t know for sure if any of them would actually end up enjoying yoing…but I’m absolutely going to try!

I have some ideas on yos I’ll purchase already. But do any of you have some recommendations? I’d want a couple of them that auto-return…then a few that are tug responsive and easy to return…and then a couple that are semi-responsive. Something that can sleep pretty well, but also can return without the need for a bind.
Big bonus points if any of the yos come in green! haha

Sorry for the long ramble! I’m just thinking out loud here! lol


Available in green:


Great to see your name pop up on here again, i have high praise for the Snapback. Thats the yoyo that my 5yo son finally figured it out with.


Hell yes! Huge bonus points that it’s made with yoyoexpert themselves too! This site has meant so much to me over the years!
Thank you so much for pointing this one out to me!! It’s damned perfect for what I’m looking for!


Fixed axle Butterflys and Imperials seem like the could work. With enough loops around the axle they will return immediately.

Also available in green.


No need apologize at all. I understand what you’re saying. My progress is very slow but I’m ok with that and joy is the main reason I throw, so even a basic throw and return is enjoyable. If you can’t find joy in it then it just becomes like a chore. I can say that sometimes picking them up after many years can result in more joy than before. Regardless of where you go in your journey, the idea of sharing yo-yo in the capacity you’re taking on here is really awesome. As a therapeutic tool I feel like the yo-yo has enormous untapped potential. I know you will get lots of good recommendations here and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. By all means, please feel free to rant here if you’d like. Thank you for sharing.


We missed you @twitch77


Hey @twitch77 :wave:


I love the idea. It was long before I was into yoyos but I used to teach English in Japan and spent one day a week at a special needs school. What you are doing is super meaningful and rewarding work.

I’m a beginner so I don’t know the variety that others do, but the first thing that jumps into my head is that Target has Butterfly XT yoyos in-store for $4.99. I started with one of them and they are nice and responsive and pretty easy to start with if your patient doesn’t need auto-return. They are also cheap so you could potentially get or give out more.

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Yes, as I mentioned in a different thread…. Welcome back!! Glad to see you’ve found a route back. I totally get what you’re saying about skill level. It’s hard to watch the newbies just sail on past something you’ve been working on forever! lol. F’in Beefhook! Haha. I just go back to what makes it fun for me! There are those tricks that will never come to fruition and I’m ok with that.

Any Hobby Lobby’s in your area? You can nab a WHiP for the low low price of 6.99. This is my goto giveaway! Best part about this yo-yo is you can slap a concave bearing in and go unresponsive when whoever is ready. It plays quite excellent in this configuration. It plays great either way tbh.

Ps. Your original TAW thread is still going strong with a number of folks taking the reins. @GTDropKnot is the latest.