blind fold yoyoing

i’m going to try to yoyo will blind folded and post it to youtube in two weeks.has anybody esle tried that before ???

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I have, I failed. :-\

Yeah. its so easy.

Care to explain?
I ended up with a record knot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Samad says, fixed ;D

Sorry, I am learning to type fast so I might make a few mistake from time to time. :smiley:

Apparently. :wink:

It is, you just have to know where to land and what your probability is.

Haha, I promise I’m not doing this on porpose!
It’s just that I’ve been in the computer a lot and am beggining to type fast, sorry guys, but it’s really natural that I’m typing fast now. Besides, everyone makes mistakes.
But back on topic now.

To be able to yoyo blindfolded the only thing you can really do is work on your muscle memory. Muscle memory is basically what happens after your fingers and arms do the exact same movement over and over again. Or in other words the more you do the same trick the more muscle memory you will get. So if you are wanting to yoyo blind folded or without looking at the yoyo at all just do the same tricks over and over and over. You will eventually get it. Takes a lot of practice though. The people that can do this make the yoyo more of an extinction of the body, rather than a add on. There are a lot of people who can do this, (including me), so just practice, practice, practice. Later.

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Steve Brown at BAC 2001 is the most notable example of this.  It loses something without the sound but here it is on youtube.

In a much less notable performance I did a blindfold freestyle at Triple D in 2002.

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Higby can do it. I recall the unsung heros thing shows him 2A blind folded.

I can do almost al the tricks I know with my eyes closed.

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ringca carries a blindfold with him when he travels to practice. i’ve done it, and it’s a really great training tool. you have to start simply and go slowly. it really helps to smooth out fundamentals.

Yeah since I have hammered down all my tricks, I can yoyo blindfolded. It’s all about muscle memory.

I can yoyo blind folded, i’ve done it. Its easy until you have to bind. When you try to bind it to your hand for some reason i keep missing the sting. Its pretty sad how I can do skin the gerbil, buddahs revenge, and the first step of kamakaze all on the same sleeper and then I cant bind! lol!

Man I LOVE that Steve Brown performance! I think I have that video on my computer at home with the sound, if I can find it I’ll upload it to vimeo so there is sound. It’s MUCH better with the sound.