The extremely cool challenge that you should all look at right now

Hey guys. I was putting off doing my homework last night and I got pretty bored, since procrastination is exhausting. I decided to see what I can do blindfolded with a yoyo.

Try it, film it, and post it here!

Sooooo… How many tries did that take?

I’m done… I can’t do most of that in 100 tries with my eyes open :stuck_out_tongue:

One lol I screwed up like 4 times before I landed it though

I bet you can :wink:

i saw your instagram video of it , it was awesome

Haha thanks!

Legend has it that Steve Brown did an entire routine while blindfolded.

I remember there was a blindfolded contest either earlier this year or last year and there were some crazy vids.

Talk about timing, coordination and muscle memory…

Holy wat
Challenge accepted for MN states

You go to MN states? cool!

Maby Ill see ya there

I have for like the past 6 years lol

Wow,6? Thats a long time…
I feel like it would be cool to do an entire performance blindflided, or like behind your back. Haha…

Ive been going for the past 2 years

Do you recognize my name?

Kyo brought up yoyo’ing either blindfolded or while closing your eyes. So I tried it once, it’s actually kinda nice and not as hard as it seems. Pretty fun actually

Ehh… I hear a lot of names. I think I’ve seen you on YouTube.

Yeah, it isn’t that true?! It’s not nearly as hard as it seems.