BLC 2013 Hauls

Doubt there are many on here who attended BLC but if you did and you want to share what you got… go for it.

C3 Speedaholic - Honestly I thought this thing was gonna suck. Man, was I wrong. This is one of the best playing plastic yoyos I’ve ever played. I would go so far as to say it matches the play quality of the Rally and Yeti. It’s SO freaking addicting to play, practically everyone there got one and loved it. Picked it up for $12.

YYF Catalyst B-Grade - Don’t know why it’s a B-grade, because it has 0 vibe and 0 ano flaws. Guess they were just being generous. It was a steal for only $20. Freaking awesome.

RecRev f(x) - This thing is MAD fun to play with. It’s really good, however it is a b-grade. It’s a good player, but I’m going to sell it though, so if you want it, PM me.

General Yo Prestige - No amount of words can’t express how much I love this yoyo. My new all time favorite, topping the Model 10 and Majesty. It just has that amazing sweet spot that no other yoyo I’ve tried has. It’s incredible… if you ever get the chance to own one, OWN IT.

Very cool!!

The Prestige looks soooo good and I agree on the C3… GREAT yoyo