Blasted Protostars

So, who would like a half blue/ half red blasted and maybe grooved Protostar? I would like to know because it is idea I have been considering for a while and need to know if their would be demand before I invest in Protostars.


That sounds neat

Sounds cool, can you do it to one of mine?

Possibly, I would prefer to just sell them for now though.

Here’s a pic of my personal blasted Northstar.

And Grooving,

How much would you charge per yoyo to blast?

How do they grind?

Most likely between $45 and $50 for a blast + $10 for a grove.

They grind about as well as One Drop’s Pyramytte (I think that’s how it’s spelled) finish. At it’s best, It would grind for about 4-5 seconds and mine isn’t completely full-blown, all out blasted. I could have blasted it longer.

My own preference is for a blast over a groove. The groove just looks kind of worn and tacky to me.

GREAT CREATURES BIG AND SMALL!! My God friend $45 to $50 for a blast??? You better be blasting them with diamonds.


Thats what I was thinking lol

That’s why it’s an option.

Sorry if I confuzzled you. Not $45-50 for the blast, $45-50 for the blasted yoyo.

I meant, What if i sent you like 3 throws, how much would it be per yoyo?

Probably about $10 since I only need to set up once.

What media are you using?

That makes a lot more sense… Sounds cool…I think if the grooves where deeper it would look cooler…

Sand, but if you steel-wool it, it doesn’t cut. Proof lies in that Northstar. Never had it cut a string. I may go buy some soda though.

What do you use to blast plastic

read the thread.

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it’s does not say what he uses to blast, it says what he uses to Groove.

Ummm, yes it does. Read the thread … :wink: