Blasted Kimmitt Northstar

(WildCat23) #1

Side view; Nothing special about the side view. Just your standard Kimmitt Northstar, with a wasps nest counterweight.

Profile View; Shows what the blast looks like from the side.

Axle Side View; Shows off the blast from a different point of view. I really consider this the best picture as it really shows the texture of the half. Also you may notice that the expansion points that look like fingerprints are gone. This I consider a cosmetic improvement.

So yes, it’s sandblasted. When I was done sandblasting I found it very rough, and it heated up on grinds, so I took some steel wool to it very lightly, and it was much better. Some of you may think that a sandblast will chew through strings like a dog with attitude, but this thing doesn’t go through strings any faster than any other yoyo.

Conclusion; This thing is a beast!!! It has grind times comparable to my Raptor but being a plastic! Being my best 5a throw, it opened up a whole new area of tricks for me. I personally think it looks cooler, while at the same time improving grinds. I don’t know if the sandblast did something or not, but this thing is as smooth as most high end metals.


cool i like it the more you use it the sand will ware down so it wont eat through the string


Looks like you did a nice job on that. The texture sure helps grinds and looks pretty nice at the same time.




The soda blast was invented when one of the guys from onedrop tried putting baking soda in a sandblasting gun, try it.

(DOGS) #6

Sodablasting wasn’t invented by anyone from OneDrop.

That Northstar is pretty.


Yoyosoda blasting is more what I meant should have been more clear.

(WildCat23) #8

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I actually wanted to try a sodablast, but didn’t have enough baking soda. Instead I sandblasted it then smoothed it out.