black rims

My motu’s rims have gotten blackish from play. Is that something to worry about or do I just need to clean them?

Its not a big deal. You can satin/polish them if you wish, but all it will do is make them look better ;D

I wouldn’t worry. Its most likely tarnish or build up from the sweat of your hand. It should come of with Nail Polish Remover or anything really.

Okay thanks for the help guys!

No problem. Anything for a fellow yoyoer!

Another thing you could do is there is a thing called “Never Dull”.
Andre suggested it to me for my Dark Magic. It works really well.

                 keep spining


Correction! DO NOT USE Acetone based products!!! No nail polish remover!

Completely bad idea. No acetone-based products of any kind should be near a yoyo.

Edit: Whoops! Didn’t read down far enough. :wink:

hahaha. Yet again. It was my fault not editing that post.