Black Knight


Well, I just got my Black Knight and I am way impressed. I’ll post more later, and I’ve got a video of it coming soon, so keep an eye out for it!


UPDATE: A slight wobble, but not enough to effect play.


Cool! Can you take a video of matador with it? Can you also show some pictures of the dimple?


I’d be glad to, but I need to figure it out first! It isn’t like spikes where you can just hold it. You have to already have it sideways and get it on to your fingers.

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I am seriously considering a Black Knight but im straight down the middle, 50/50. I just dont know. I want to hear more. Is the shape really as strange as everyone says? Can you actually grab the dimples? I want more info! :smiley:


I still like a DM better, because of the gap and the Black Knight is almost an H shape right?


True. The BK’s gap is smaller.

Also, it is not an H-Shape. It is more of an extreme round shape. Take a look for yourself ;):



Black knight = Bk = burger king ;D

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YoYoJam should make a a yoyo that is Black Knight - Burger Edition.
The only ones sold would be Red inside with brown metal rims ;D


I played with one and I love the shape…



I like the shape, seems to fit in your hand nicely.


lol it looks kinda narrow if you ask me ???



Weight (g) 71.50
Width (mm) 40.13
Diameter (mm) 56.05


Weight: 66 grams
Width: 35mm
Diameter: 50mm

;D ;D just a few MMs bigger then the M1, and is freakishly close to Project I think…


Weight 64g
Dimensions 50mm diameter, 40.2mm width

Same or smaller then the project.

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i had a bk for breakfast today and some mini serloin burgers! :o


Lol, Don’t mock it—

John will come for you!!! >:)

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im scared :o

dont kill me john :o

(judging by my avatar, i have an army of squirrels so dont mess with me john) :stuck_out_tongue:

plese dont kill me john :o


I’m still trying to get the just of how to grab it. It isn’t a strange shape to me, so I don’t understand why people would think that.


That’s what I kinda thought at first, but I guess it just looks that way!

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Yea, I mean look at the Shield, it has so many bad reviews it seems like you should flush it down the toilet.