Black hops

Just a quick question about the hopping in black hops.
Is it considered cheating if I hold strings out of the way with my thumb on my Non Throw Hand?

Perhaps, to be honest if it’s for practice, and it helps you, eventually you’ll excel to a point where you don’t have to. But if you mean for ladder contests then they are a bit stringent on the trick being performed accurately. There’s a bit of info at this link at the very bottom on Black Hops in contests.

yeah I figured so, I am begining to finish the trick more and more without moving strings out of the way. I have just got to get the third pop smooth and it will be perfect.

It is easier if you point your fingers outward. That should solve all your problems.

Woooooo Hoooooo.
I just cracked black hops, I can do them almost perfect everytime now. When you pop the yoyo up to the next string pull you hands appart and the yoyo will land on the next string perfectly.

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