Nagao hops

(Evan Landreneau) #1

Can you help me with this trick? I’m having trouble catching the lack on my wrist when doing the actual hops.

(Tyler) #2

Hmmmm. He explains it fairly well and the slowmo bits are great shots at showing how the trick functions. Which part of the trick “specifically” are you having problems with? Time stamps from the posted video if nothing else please. How well can you control the yoyo during Eli hops and black hops?

(Evan Landreneau) #3

I don’t know how to do black hops and Eli hops. I guess I should go learn them first. This trick is above my skill level but I don’t care because it looks so cool.

(Tyler) #4

Ya tricks like this require just a lot of control. Black hops would help you get down how it works. The elements where youre hoping from a trapeze up to the triple or nothing during the black hops is very similar to the movement after you catch the slack on your wrist. Hope that helps.

(Evan Landreneau) #5

The element at 2:08 confuses me.

(Tyler) #6

He’s basically just whipping the yoyo around his non throw hand to do the hopping motion and get the slack to come off, that slack stops on your throw hand. Then your throw hand also has to like pluck the string for the yoyo to land on. Watch his throw hand very closely. This is why i said black hops would help.


Are you pinching with your thumb when you whip? After a few tries that definitely seems to help whip a little faster so you have time to get your hand in place to catch the yo-yo.

(Jacob Waugh) #8

Black Hops and Yuuki Slack are essential.

(Evan Landreneau) #9

No, I will have to try that when I get back from school.

(Evan Landreneau) #10

I know yuuki slack already, I have tried black hops, but I can’t get into a triple or nothing to start the trick. The yoyo lands on the front two strings instead of the one in the front. I have trouble separating the strings.

(Jacob Waugh) #11

I always use my thumbs in Double and Triple or nothings so that you can separate the strings, and the only part you need to know is the second half of the trick (The Hopping and Chopping) so just skip to the part of Black Hops that is in a Trapeze.

(Evan Landreneau) #12

I almost got it. I was actually throwing the yoyo under my throw hand instead of my non throw hand. Evan’s videos confuse me because he is left handed. It throws (no pun intended) me off a lot.


The trick supercharger helped me a good bit trying to learn this one

(Jacob Waugh) #14

I completely finished the trick. Now I am working on it cross armed.

(Evan Landreneau) #15

I can’t imagine how much practice it takes to do it cross armed.

(Mike) #16

I just started learning this trick this morning. Having trouble with the same wrist catch and pluck thing… wish me luck

(Jacob Waugh) #17

How are you coming with the trick? I have it well enough where I can put in 2 reps in a combo without losing speed, can’t do it cross armed though, it is like going from a Reverse Cascade to a Mills Mess.

(Evan Landreneau) #18

I gave up on it. It’s just do hard.


I went to a Super health store today. It cost me $1,000,000 bucks but I had a serious mission in mind. So there was no other option.

I watched the Evan video at the top of the thread.

The Guru in the Health store put me on a diet which will extend my life by 700 years!

Because I figure that is about how long it will take me to tackle that Trick.