Black Friday is here at YoYoExpert!

Today the more you spend the more you save!

Runs Thursday Night (27th at 10PM EST) to Saturday (29th at 12PM EST)!

Discount is automatically taken in shopping cart!

See more info on blog post:

From everyone here at YoYoExpert Happy Holidays and have fun!

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the moral of the story is that yoyoexpert wants you to spend more making you think you are saving more… its all a conspiracy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is a good chance for those who didn’t get the mystery box.

or for those that want a 2014 benchmark… Getting one tomorrow morning.

Spend $1000+ get 21% off!

Read the fine print, Abby. The 2014 Benchmarks are not eligible for the savings. Neither are the new Chiefs.

Good old fine print!

Is a little over 5 bucks really that much? If you’re going to get something, spend at least $100.

Good ol’ YYE. Only giving 10-20% off on Black Friday, but still managing to get me to buy their stuff every time.

Chiefs aren’t eligible for discount!!!

Only? Andre isn’t obligated to give you jack.


Does anyone remember their Cyber Monday or Christmas sale last year?

Cha-Ching! $$$

It has been done. Got an Aftershock, AL7 Aftershock and Quake on it’s way. Today has been a good day. ;D

YYE does not have to give you any discount period. It’s a nice gesture so enjoy the discount instead of bashing what it is…


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yeah they had bundles of yoyo brands it was awesome

The Chiefs and Benchmarks (the 2014s) are not available for the Black Friday deal because they are new releases.

I know they don’t, but I’m getting saturated with 50% offs in my mail, so 15% isn’t that appealing. But hey, a discount’s a discount, and I’m buying some Lodge.

I got a t1 and a small contest bag. Funny story though.

So I was going to get the t1 in regular orange, which cost $16 less than the dragon slayer color way (which I wanted), but then I realized, that if I got the dragonslayer color way, that brought by total to over $100 which actually saved me a dollar.

So, long story short, Yoyoexpert payed me a dollar to get a cooler color way.

Victory is mine.

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After about 11 months of me picking yoyoing back up and progressing, a friend of mine is wanting to pick the hobby back up as well (he threw when he was a kid, back when only pros used ball bearings). So, adding a DV888 starter kit and a 25 pack of strings to my new Fixie, cotton strings and Duncan t shirt and the discount makes my duncan shirt basically free!

Gotta love it.