Black Friday deals on yoyoexpert

This year I’m actually in good enough shape to toss some cash to my beloved YYE. I am also slimy enough to only do it while items are deeply discounted for black Friday, lol. Payday is Friday so I’m down for refreshing at midnight if necessary.

With that said, how does Andre normally set up his black Friday deals and when do they normally go live. Is it an across the board percentage reduction on all products or a discount on items still heavily in stock?

Just saying, I got 50 on a ti confusion if you’re reading this @AndreBoulay (joking)

If the last four years hold, it’ll be a tiered discount based on your order total:


You are amazing and have much better search skills than I dear friend, take my heart


I actually was just searching for the same information the other day so I knew the keywords to search for :laughing:

What I searched for was: in:title black friday. That’s how I found last years info which was good enough for me. Then for the four links I found just a few minutes ago I added @AndreBoulay to the search string (so the whole thing looked like: in:title black friday @AndreBoulay) which turned up those four threads; this means to search for posts made by Andre with “black friday” in their title :slight_smile:


Much appreciated, looks like they’ve done mystery boxes in the past so it’ll be interesting to see if they have the capacity to do so this year.

I’m likely going to stock up on some plastic throws this year. Metal is metal, don’t get me wrong, but my daughter is starting to get into it and she has dinged up my entire collection (doesn’t bother me) and I’m thinking I should give her some plastics before she breaks the tv, lol.


Can’t recommend the speedaholic xx enough. Same with DaCapo.


I wholeheartedly agree. I’m actually playing with both of them (alternating between one and the other) for a Da Capo review and that gave me the chance to have a lot of fun with both.


Another vote for the Speedy XX! I haven’t played the Da Capo so can’t compare but I love my XX.